Chloe and Halle Bailey

Born loved

“I would definitely say my BE LOVE role model is my sister. No matter if you fall off a cliff, she’s there to catch you.”

Chloe and Halle wear…

Jocelyn Corona

Live with confidence

“BE LOVE can feel like being in the ocean, being so secure. But at the same time, so vulnerable.”

Jocelyn wears…

Sasha Pivovarova

Inspire every day

“The most important thing in life is love. You cannot get anywhere if you don’t love.”

Sasha wears…

Halle Bailey

Lead with your heart

"Unconditional, infinite love… Something that is never ending, that you know is always there. Never questioned."



Move the world

"I think the best way that you can spread love through the community is by just living fearlessly as yourself. Actions speak louder than words.”


Salem, Jocelyn and Thara

Show up for each other

“My BE LOVE language for sure is physical affection. The way that I hug my friends, my people that are always around me - I'm just very loving and warm... I need one hug a day at least.” - Jocelyn Corona


There's never enough

What do love and jewellery have in common? There's always room for a little more.