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Learn about the techniques involved in creating our glass Pandora charms and how we recycle all waste produced.

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Nothing goes to waste

Glass waste at our crafting facilities in Thailand is recycled into new glass products.

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Unique characteristics

Each Pandora glass charm is unique and may contain small variations in design, colour and size. Some charms may even contain small glass bubbles.

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Time and love

It takes months of training to create a simple glass charm and up to one year to be able to make one of Pandora’s more complex designs.

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Innovative and colourful

Murano is and has always been renowned for producing high-quality glass noted for its colours and innovative new techniques.

Our design process

Lampworking is a skilled process that requires not only a steady hand and an eye for detail but also months of training to master.

Unique flaws

Glass charms with variations of bubbles are not faults in the product. Rather, they are evidence of the high degree of craftsmanship involved in the making of each glass design and examples of details created by hand. This means that no two charms are exactly the same.

The origin of glass

Love your glass!

For daily cleaning of your glass jewellery, polish with a soft, lint-free cloth. For deeper cleaning, wipe gently with a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with lukewarm water that has a small amount of liquid soap dissolved in it. Wipe over with clean water and pat your jewellery dry with a soft cloth. For a high-shine finish, buff with a small amount of mineral oil.

Keep your Pandora sparkling

Keep your Pandora collection as sparkly as you are! Discover how to clean your jewellery and give it the care it deserves.

Care set
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