Pandora promises an array of eye-catching stones that add sparkle and colour to your precious pieces. Explore our variety of different stones and how they work in our hand-finished jewellery designs.

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A stone’s durability is an important factor in determining the type of jewellery it's best for and to indicate how to care for and treat the stone. Gemstone durability is measured in three categories: hardness, toughness and stability.

Stone treatments

Referring to parts of the process controlled by humans, with the exception of cutting and polishing which improve the appearance, durability or value of a gemstone, treatments are a way of refining a stone’s appearance and are comparable to the way in which other natural materials, such as leather and cotton, are treated through processes such as tanning, bleaching or scouring.

Lightens and whitens gems, such as pearls.

Adds colour to the surface of colourless gems, while the centre remains colourless.

Adds colour and improves colour uniformity in stones and pearls.

Fracture Filling
Injects colourless plastic or glass into a stone to hide cracks or fractures and improve the stone’s clarity and durability.

Lightens, darkens or changes the colour of stones or improves clarity.

Improves appearance and diminishes imperfections by adding colourless oils, wax or resins to a stone.

Deepens or adds colour to coloured diamonds, stones and pearls.

Laser drilling
Removes dark inclusions from diamonds to improve clarity.

Keep your Pandora sparkling

Keep your Pandora collection as sparkly as you are! Discover how to clean your jewellery and give it the care it deserves.

Care set
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