Natural Stones

Natural stones

Natural stones are formed in nature, without human intervention and have been used in jewellery design for thousands of years.

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Man-made is here to stay

Less than 1% of Pandora’s stones are mined stones. Sourcing is checked against the standards in our Responsible Supplier Programme and the stones are never sourced from conflict areas.

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Species and groups

Gemstones are divided into smaller subcategories based on species and groups. Quartz is the gemstone species with the largest number of gemstone varieties linked to it.

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A little value lost

The amethyst used to be considered a precious stone by many cultures for thousands of years, but a recent discovery of new deposits dramatically decreased the value of the stone, which is now considered semi-precious.

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Gemstones of the same species

With identical chemical composition and structure, gems can be divided into different varieties based on factors such as colour, transparency or phenomenon (optical effect).

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Groups of minerals from related species

The minerals within a group can vary in crystal structure or chemical composition, but will always have common characteristics in at least one of these factors.

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Name and colour are often related

Some varieties are named by adding the colour to the stone, e.g. blue topaz and pink topaz. Others have earned a distinctive name, e.g. amethyst and rock crystal, which are all different colour varieties of quartz.

Love your stone!

Care for your natural stone by avoiding rough handling. When you're not wearing it, store it separately from your other pieces to avoid scratches. Clean it with lukewarm, soapy water and gentle brushing. Ultrasonic cleaners should never be used on natural gemstones as they may crack or otherwise damage them. Professional cleaning is recommended for any piece of jewellery with a natural gemstone.

Keep your Pandora sparkling

Keep your Pandora collection as sparkly as you are! Discover how to clean your jewellery and give it the care it deserves.

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