It's your story

Wear it your way! Express who you are and become a storyteller with our Pandora Moments charm holders. Accessorise bracelets, earrings, key rings, bags and more.

Wear it on the move

Your keys and bag go everywhere with you. Choose charms that mean the most to you and create a daily reminder of the things you love and are passionate about. Mix and match your favourites to tell your story.

Woman wearing Pandora Moments charm bracelet

Wear it with love

A charm bracelet is the perfect way to tell your story through your style. Select charms that express your individuality, and style them however you like. Mix metal tones and textures to make a statement, or go for a sleek look with one metal finish.

Wear it with confidence

Personalise your earrings by adding your favourite charms - our new bold, statement hoops are the perfect way to say a little bit about what makes you, you. Add up to three charms per hoop.

Wear it with a twist

There are unlimited ways to stand out from the crowd and wear your story - whether that's on a classic bracelet, or on your belt, bag, or keys. Whichever way you decide, it's sure to showcase your personality and the things you love.

Behind the designs

"We want you to fall in love with the idea of self-expression through charms and imagine all the new ways you can style them. Our charm bracelet is a forever piece, but we've designed some really unique styles that take our charms to unexpected places."
- A. Filippo Ficarelli & Francesco Terzo, VP Creative Directors

Styling tips

How to wear it your way

From bags and key rings to necklaces, bracelets and earrings, there are more ways than ever before to tell your story. Learn how you can create fresh styling combinations with new charms and charm holders that show the world who you are.

Choose your charm holder

Style your key ring

Style your bracelet

Style your earrings

More of what you love

Whether it’s zodiac signs or memories of family and friends, we have a special selection of themed jewellery to reflect your interests, loves and passions. Find charms that are meaningful to you then style your story, your way.