Just like in the Harry Potter films, Hogwarts jewellery brings to life the four Hogwarts houses. Find your house in the new collection of Harry Potter jewellery. 

Find your Hogwarts house

Are you a Gryffindor like Harry Potter or a Hufflepuff like Cedric Diggory? Align yourself with one of the four iconic Hogwarts houses and express your true character.

Gryffindor - Courage, bravery, determination

With brave hearts and daring minds, Gryffindor students are set apart by their courage, bravery and determination. Whether it be superior athletic ability or flashy duels on school grounds, Gryffindor students are often popular amongst their classmates. Yet their occasional sense of self-righteousness and reckless behaviour often results in risky situations.


Slytherin - Ambition, pride, cunning

Cunning, proud and ambitious, Slytherin house has more produced dark wizards than any other house. Well known for their quick remarks and questionable Quidditch tactics, Slytherins are fiercely competitive. Though qualities associated with Slytherins are often seen as a negative, their cunningness can be more charitably interpreted as shrewdness, their pride and ambition as a healthy expression of self-esteem.


Hufflepuff - Patience, dedication, loyalty

Hufflepuffs are known for their outstanding qualities of patience, strong work ethic and constancy, and are equal parts accepting and brilliantly-minded. Loyal and true through the very end, Hufflepuffs are caring and humble. If you’re lucky enough to be their friend, you may even be invited for a home-cooked meal — their common room is right next to the kitchen, after all!


Ravenclaw - Learning, wit, wisdom

Unmatched intelligence and inspiring creativity are just two of the many impressive traits held by Ravenclaws. They value wit, learning and wisdom as their greatest treasures, and it is common to find these dedicated scholars studying in Hogwarts’ library. However, they are certainly more than their intellect, as Ravenclaw students are often unique, eccentric and refreshingly outspoken.