Dazzling Regal Beauty Ring
No. 197678ACZ

A modern fairy tale fit for a queen

Embody a stately sense of confidence, filled with subtle mystery and secrets, with our Regal Tales collection. With radiant embellishments, this collection is about evoking the forces of regal feminity and letting you express your inner queen, so you can walk through life like the leading lady you are in your own fairy tale.

Inspired by the depth and dreamy mystery that all modern women share, our fairy tale jewellery is full of opulent details, secret messages and feminine grace. Our PANDORA Shine pieces will illuminate you with a sense of luxury with its rich golden colour, while the blush hue of PANDORA Rose will add a hint of romance to your story. Scatterings of clear and richly-coloured stones add the final majestic touch. It’s time to highlight your regal beauty and make your fairy tale dreams come true.