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murrini butterflies

Murrini Butterflies

The butterfly Murano glass charm is truly unique and showcases Pandora's high skill with glasswork. Tiny, perfectly detailed purple Murano glass butterflies, called Murrini, are carefully positioned on the opaque pink charm by hand. The charm is then covered with layers of clear transparent glass.


Glittering Murano glass and a grooved surface effect created by hand makes every charm unique.

grooved glass front view
grooved glass side view

Grooved Murano

To create a grooved Murano glass charm, several shades and layers of glass are expertly combined and shaped into a charm. The charm is then rolled over a special tool to create the swirling grooved lines.

From Leftover Murano Glass to Beautifully Different Jewellery

The Pandora Beautifully Different collection uses leftover Murano glass to create unique, one-off colours and designs. Leftover Murano glass is collected and remelted into new glass rods featuring unique patterns and swirls, which are then cut into the correct sizes and shapes.

Please note this collection is currently not available in New Zealand.

ring green stone
no two pieces - assemble ring

The pieces of Murano glass are carefully added to the jewellery by hand. Each piece is selected to match the overall expression of the charm, ring, pendant or earring. After the Murano glass
is set, the jewellery is then polished to perfection.

No two pieces of Beautifully Different jewellery are identical, just as each woman is unique.

no two pieces - red pendant
no two pieces - hearts pendant