Collect charms with meaning

Express yourself in a new way

Open the door to new styling possibilities with our new collection. Collect pieces from our new collection that embrace and symbolise everything you love.

Express your loves

True self-expression is all about letting go of norms and adding pieces that mean something to you personally, even if no one else knows the whole story. To showcase your stories, collect charms that represent your loves on your favourite Pandora bracelet or necklace and keep them with you wherever you go.

Colour story of the season: Warm and earthy

This season, collect charms with a touch of warm and earthy tones. They'll add a subtle hint of colour to your style.

Collect charms that represent your memories

Our charms are designed to represent moments that are important to you. Curate a collection of charms that symbolise your special memories, so you'll always have a reminder of that moment.

The Pandora O Pendant

Get in the spirit of expressing your stories with your O Pendant. Take inspiration from your journey of self-discovery to curate a look that tells your story.

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