Community Guidelines

Women all over the world love Pandora. We created this Facebook page in order to facilitate communication between fans, and to enable as much dialogue as possible between Pandora and fans.

Please find below a few guidelines we all follow to maintain a pleasant and respectful environment.

Please note that violation of the guidelines can cause posts and comments to be removed without any further notice.

We support the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and related Facebook policies, and we expect participants in the dialogue on our page to do the same.

We encourage open, lively conversation with a few, simple rules:

- Please do not use the Pandora Facebook page for promoting other Facebook groups or pages, blogs, websites, video channels, or for collecting votes, likes, points, or anything similar on own and/or third-party pages or websites.

- Facebook pages and private Facebook profiles cannot make posts that promotes own blog entries, videos, events, offers, or promotions or anything similar.

- Facebook page owners are allowed to comment on other users' posts on the Pandora page as their own page, provided they do not do so in order to promote own blog entries, videos, events, offers, or promotions.

- Selling, trading and advertising is not accepted on the Page. This applies for a) private persons selling or trading preloved or retired Pandora jewellery b) Pandora retailers promoting store openings, special offers and other events.

- If you wish to sell or buy Pandora items, or otherwise engage in such activities, please keep all conversation about this in Facebook’s private messaging system – Do not use the Pandora Facebook wall.

- Please keep the conversation in English in order for everybody to be able to communicate in a shared language. Please note that posts in other languages than English can be removed without any further notice.

- If you disagree with other opinions, we encourage you to do so respectfully.

- All posts should observe etiquette. This means that no posts in any way can be abusive, profane, libelous, discriminatory, offensive or defamatory towards a person, entity, belief, or symbol. Please note that such posts will be deleted.

- Negative posts or comments containing names or detailed descriptions of Pandora employees or store personnel will be removed. Please write us at [email protected] or contact your local customer service if you wish to complain about a specific person.

- Spam and repetitive posts will be deleted.

- Posts written in UPPERCASE can be deleted without any further notice, as this is considered shouting.


All internal information, documents or photography produced by Pandora is considered the intellectual property of the brand and will be removed from the Facebook page if posted without prior consent.

Please note the unauthorized use or publishing of any material that violates Pandora’s intellectual property rights, which includes but is not limited to, photography, price lists, logos and internal documents, will be immediately removed. Repeated violations will cause the person(s) that publish the material to be excluded from the Pandora Facebook page.


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