How to Style Safety Chains and Clip Charms

Keep your jewellery safe, secure, and organised with Pandora safety chains and clip charms. Keep reading to find out about the benefits of these accessories and how to style them.

The Purpose of a Safety Chain

Safety chains are designed to keep your bracelet safe while you wear it. If you’ve spent a lot of time creating the perfect charm bracelet, the last thing you want to do is lose it. Pandora safety chains are attached to either side of the bracelet clasp, so if the accessory unexpectedly comes open, it won’t slip off. They also make it easier to slip your bracelet on and off and protect it from damage.


How to Style a Safety Chain

A fabulous addition to your Pandora collection, our bracelet safety chains are available in a range of elegant designs. Choose from 4k gold, sterling silver, 14k rose gold-plated, and 14k gold-plated metal blends to complement your existing bracelet charms. Here are our top tips on how to style safety chains:

Create a uniform look

Create a balanced, uniform look across your Pandora bracelet by choosing a safety chain in the same metal. For example, if you have a silver bracelet, choose one of our silver safety chains to match. Finish off the look by filling your bracelet with your favourite silver charms.

Mix metals

Why not mix and match with different types of metals? If you have a silver Pandora bracelet, choose a gold safety chain for a stylish look. Accessorise the rest of your bracelet with alternating gold and silver charms. Read our guide on how to stack bracelets for more tips and tricks for mixing your metals.

Less is more

Make your safety chain stand out by accessorising the rest of your bracelet with only a few Pandora charms. Choose colourful charms for a touch of vibrancy.

The purpose of clip charms

Clip charms are used to split your Pandora bracelet into sections and evenly distribute other charms. If your bracelet features a lot of charms, clip charms can make them look more organised and stop them from moving around.

If you have too many charms in one place, it can cause strain on that part of the bracelet. However, adding a couple of clip charms can prevent this. Unlike classic Pandora charms, clip charms can be attached directly onto the bracelet chain and are designed to fit all chain sizes. They stay fixed in one place and add a chic look to your accessory.


How to style clip charms

Pandora clips are available in many wonderful designs, making it easy to choose the ones that are right for you.

Dangle clip charms

Available in sterling silver and gold-plated styles, dangle clip charms add an extra-special touch to your Pandora bracelet. Wear them alone or pair them with other charms for a coordinated look.

Choose clip charms in different metals

Choose clip charms in different metal tones to easily split your bracelet into different sections.

Colourful clip charms

Clip charms with bright gemstones can make your bracelet really pop. Pair with colourful classic Pandora charms for an impactful look.

For more inspiration on styling and organizing your bracelets, watch our video below: