Discover the unique qualities of each metal we use in Pandora jewellery. From gold and silver to Pandora's own plated unique metal blends, including 14k rose gold and 14k gold plating, among others.

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What makes a metal 'precious'?

Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring materials of high value and include silver, gold, palladium and platinum. In pure form, they are often soft and therefore routinely alloyed with harder metals, such as copper, in order to improve their strength and durability.

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What are non-precious metals?

Non-precious metals, also known as base metals, includestainless steel, copper, brass and bronze. They tend to oxidise, tarnish or corrode, but are often harder than precious metals. They are typically alloyed with precious metals, such as gold.

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Pandora’s metal blends

Pandora’s metal blends are alloyed with precious metals, which provides a beautiful and strong alternative to precious metals that is also more affordable.


Titanium and stainless steel

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Keep your Pandora sparkling

Keep your Pandora collection as sparkly as you are! Discover how to clean your jewellery and give it the care it deserves.

Care set
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