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Freshwater cultured pearls

Freshwater cultured pearls form when a pearl farmer gives nature a helping hand and inserts the irritant into the shell, which will eventually form a pearl in the same way it would naturally.

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Hand-finished with integrity

Using only the highest quality freshwater cultured pearls, our skilled craftspeople transform these natural gems into innovative designs.

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Pandora’s freshwater cultured pearls can be dyed

Pandora’s freshwater cultured pearls with colours other than white have been dyed. This is done once harvested.

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Fragile beings

Freshwater cultured pearls are not that hard and vary in toughness. Some dyed pearls may fade or revert to their original colour when exposed to sunlight or strong light.



Pandora uses freshwater cultured pearls in a range of jewellery designs, cultivated by gently inserting pieces of donor mollusc tissue into a freshwater mussel. The tissue grows to form a pearl sac in which mother of pearl (nacre) is deposited layer upon layer until a cultured pearl is formed. Like natural pearls, tissue nucleated freshwater cultured pearls consist of nacre all the way through, as they contain no nucleus.

The look

Pearls are available in various colours, often modified by additional colours called overtones, and have a pearly lustre. Some pearls also display the iridescent colour phenomenon known as 'orient'.


Freshwater cultured pearls have a hardness of only 2.5-4 on the Mohs scale. They also have variable levels of toughness influenced by ageing, dehydration and sometimes excessive bleaching during processing. This means that freshwater cultured pearls are prone to scratching and are relatively fragile. They are particularly susceptible to damage caused by acids, solvents and ultrasonic cleaning. They may also have a tendency to dehydrate over time under certain conditions. Some dyed pearls may fade or revert to their original colour when exposed to sunlight or strong light.

How to take care of your pearls

Makeup should be applied before pearls are worn. Do not expose them to ultrasonic cleaning or high temperatures. Avoid exposing dyed freshwater cultured pearls to strong sunlight or display lighting for extended periods of time. Never soak freshwater cultured pearls in water or rub them harshly as this could damage the nacre. Instead, wipe them over with a very soft, clean cloth that has been dampened in lukewarm soapy water and then pat dry.

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