Stone shapes, cuts and settings

The cut and setting of a stone releases the true beauty of a stone, elevating it from ordinary to extraordinary.

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The process of bringing a piece of jewellery to life

Shape, size and setting of stones determine the look of a particular piece of jewellery. For this reason, considered design and outstanding craftsmanship is paramount to really make sure a stone sparkles.

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Natural vs. artificial

The natural stones used in Pandora jewellery are most often cut and polished by hand, while the majority of our artificial stones are faceted by machines.

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The cut and facet

All stones used in Pandora jewellery are cut and faceted before being shipped from our suppliers.

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Hand-polished facets on synthetic gemstones

Synthetic gemstones typically have hand-polished facets. However, exceptions do apply.

Discover our most popular shapes

Stones come in a variety of shapes, such as round, pear and square among many others. The same shape can be fashioned into a multitude of cuts, each of which has unique attributes.

Discover our most popular cuts

Some cut names describe the upper shape of the finished gem, while others refer to the shape and arrangement of the stone’s facets. Cut names are also referred to as gem cutting styles.

Explore our stone settings

Stone setting involves a metal base that holds a stone securely in place in a piece of jewellery. Enhancing its brilliance and beauty, the right setting ensures the overall visual appeal of a particular design.