Gemini zodiac jewellery

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Colour of the month

Geminis, here's your colour palette

Calling all Geminis — let's talk astrology-inspired looks. Wondering where to start with your zodiac styling? The best place to begin is with your sign's colour. When you're looking to channel your air energy, make it all about green. The calming colour of green showcases your ability to be open to change and think quickly on your feet. It also helps boost your confidence and creativity. Take a peak at our Gemini zodiac jewellery styles.


It's your story to tell

Spell it out with our letter charms and wear your favourite words on your sleeve. Literally.


Gemini birthstone-inspired jewellery

What are the two words associated with May's green birthstone? Truth and love. The deep green hue also makes it the perfect choice for those born in spring. Wear this birthstone to add an instant energy boost to your look.

Gemini symbols and their meaning

Gentle Gemini. You're adaptable and affectionate — ruled by the Roman numeral two, representing twins. The duality of your sign reminds you of your ability to see both sides of the coin. But you're also the life of the party. And why not? People like having you around. So, why not symbolise your freedom-seeking air sign with a zodiac style that speaks to who you are?

What's your zodiac sign?

What jewellery should Geminis wear?

Gemini zodiac jewellery here are the four style secrets that align with your sign. Style tip 1: Showcase your air sign traits with a metal finish that flatters your skin tone. Whether you reach for our 14k gold-plated Gemini zodiac dangle charm or add our sterling silver Gemini charm to your favourite necklace, you'll radiate your zodiac's energy. Style tip 2: Keep it aligned with compatible star signs. Do you have any Libras or Aquarians in your inner circle? Of course you do. That's because you share the same air sign vibes, so why not bring them into your fully loaded look? Style tip 3: Wear your greens. Born under Mercury, the Gemini colour scheme reflects the planet's tones, so going bold with Murano charms in this calming tone is the way to go. Style tip 4: Make it meaningful. From a charm that reminds you of your favourite holiday to a piece that was gifted to you by a special someone, we all have go-to styles we like to wear at all times. So, bringing those in is a no-brainer.