Just Because

Surprise your loved one with a precious piece of Pandora jewellery - just because.

  • 788809C01
    Pink Daisy Flower Clip Sterling silver
    Pink Daisy Spacer Clip Rose gold plated
  • 798775C02
    Purple Daisy Charm Sterling silver
    Pink Daisy Flower Charm Rose gold plated
    Available in 2 colours
  • NJBOX20ZZ001
  • 596477
    Pandora Moments Open Bangle Sterling silver
    Pandora Moments Open Bangle Rose gold plated
    Pandora Moments Open Bangle
  • 397436CZ
    Pandora Logo Pavé Circle Collier Necklace Sterling silver
    Pandora Logo Pavé Circle Collier Necklace Rose gold plated
    Pandora Logo Pavé Circle Collier Necklace Gold plated
  • ribbon_new
    The perfect gift, made easy

    Include a personalised message for your loved one at the checkout and add a gift bag for a special touch.

  • 296317CZ
    Pavé Heart Hoop Earrings Sterling silver
    Pavé Heart Hoop Earrings Rose gold plated
    Pavé Heart Hoop Earrings Gold plated
    Pavé Heart Hoop Earrings
  • 797200
    Spiritual Dreamcatcher Charm Sterling silver
    Spiritual Dream Catcher Charm Rose gold plated
  • 398296
    Pandora Moments Small O Pendant Sterling silver
    Moments Small O Pendant Rose gold plated
    Moments Small O Pendant Gold plated
  • 799243C01
  • 199040C01
  • 186316CZ
    Sparkling Wishbone Ring Sterling silver
    Sparkling Wishbone Ring Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Wishbone Ring Gold plated
    Sparkling Wishbone Ring
  • 781728CZ
    Sparkling Family Tree Dangle Charm Rose gold plated
    Sparkling Family Tree Hanging Charm Gold plated
    Sparkling Family Tree Dangle Charm Two-tone
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