Combine symbols, shapes, embellishments and colours to create your own unique bracelet stack.

Make a simple, eye-catching and utterly gorgeous statement by wearing multiple bracelets. This season, we have widened our range of bracelets with contemporary and classic designs that are ideal for refreshing your style for the glorious year ahead. The new collection also presents novel new adornments, fantastically crafted, beautifully detailed and super-versatile; all designed to express a different aspect of you.


Bracelet layering is a massive trend for 2018, but it is also a timeless way of personalising your look. The art of layering bracelets is stacking them – multiple in the same style, or varied – and then adding adornments that are just your style. Go for one, two or many. Leaving bracelets unadorned is also a wonderful option. Stacking bracelets makes you feel that you have many styling options and fresh looks with a few key pieces. 


Introducing the radiant and luxurious PANDORA Shine, our new range of jewellery in 18k gold-plated sterling silver. Style your look with a smooth charm bracelet or the brand-new Moments Sliding Bracelet. The new sliding bracelet is adjustable to perfectly fit your wrist size, and the ends of the bracelet can be swapped to create two-tone metal looks. The new functionality lets you add charms easily.


Looking for a bit of sparkle, choose your favourite mix of sterling silver stackable bracelets, including the new Moments Sliding Bracelet. To complement your bracelet stack, play with our refreshing new wave of sterling silver charms, swirling like water and shimmering with beautiful blues. Add a serene touch to your bracelet with these calming blue hues.