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The majority of Pandora Concept Stores accept the following payment types.

  • Cash: New Zealand currency only
  • Debit Card: all EFTPOS compatible cards
  • Credit Card: American Express, Mastercard, Visa
  • AfterPay
  • Union Pay 
  • Pandora Gift Cards (including Pandora e-gift cards): only gift cards issued in New Zealand loaded with New Zealand currency 
  • AliPay and WeChat pay: available in selected Pandora concept stores. Please check with your local store. 

Some stores may offer additional payment types and some stores may not offer all payment types listed above. Please contact your local store if you have a specific payment type requirement. Store contact details can be found at


Restrictions When Purchasing Gift Cards
Gift cards can only be purchased using cash, debit card or credit card. AfterPay and gift cards can not be used to purchase gift cards. 


Multi-brand Jewellery Stockists
Payment types vary by store. Please contact your preferred stockist to find out which payment types they accept. Store contact details can be found at 
Please note, Pandora Gift Cards can not be redeemed in multi-brand stockists.