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The New Zealand Pandora Online Store ( accepts the following payment types:
•    Credit Card: American Express, Mastercard and Visa
•    PayPal
•    AfterPay
•    Pandora Gift Cards (including Pandora e-gift cards): only gift cards issued in New Zealand loaded with New Zealand currency 


Split Payments
If paying with a Pandora gift card or e-gift card, please enter the gift card details, if there is an outstanding balance you can choose from Credit Card or Afterpay to pay for the remaining balance. Currently only two gift cards or e-gift cards may be redeemed per order. Split payments are not applicable to any other payment types.


Restrictions When Purchasing Gift Cards
If purchasing a gift card or e-gift card online, not all payment types are available. Payment options for purchasing a gift card or e-gift card are:
•    Credit Card: American Express, Mastercard and Visa


Declined Payments
If your payment is declined please check with your bank or financial institution first. There may be a problem with your card/account or their services are preventing your payment from being accepted. Alternatively, try using a different credit card or payment method to complete your transaction. If you receive an error message that you cannot resolve with your bank, contact our Consumer Experience Team for further assistance.