Our top jewellery storage ideas

Found the perfect new piece for your jewellery collection? We love that new, shiny feeling. So it’s important to store your pieces correctly to keep them looking their best for even longer. 

Plus, a well-organised jewellery box makes your items easy to find and always ready to wear. Our guide covers everything you need to know about organising your precious pieces. 

These belong in your jewellery box

How to store necklaces to avoid tangling

It’s best to store necklaces flat, as this prevents them from knotting or tangling. Organise them according to size and place them on a flat surface or in a drawer. You can also hang necklaces on knobs or hooks to stop tangling.

Use the necklace insert in the Pandora jewellery box to store your necklaces. Lay them flat and secure them in the slits around the edge to stop them from rubbing or knotting. 

How to store bracelets

Keep bracelets flat so they don’t twist around each other. Store bracelets in the velvet compartment underneath the top tray in your Pandora jewellery box. Lay them flat in the compartment to prevent tangling.

How to store and organise earrings

It’s helpful to store your earrings in a pair so they don’t get separated. Keep your earrings in their original packaging, or organise them into smaller pouches or boxes. You can also organise your earrings by type – keep studs separated from hoops so that you don’t lose track of your precious items. 

In your Pandora jewellery box, use the small compartments in the top tray to store your earrings. This will make sure they stay together as a pair with limited rubbing. You can also insert small hoops and studs into the tray’s velvet slots to prevent them from moving around inside the box.  

How to store rings

Store your rings in their original boxes or small pouches to keep them together. Rings are easy to misplace, so store them together in a box, drawer, tray or pouch so you don’t lose track of them. Make sure your rings aren’t touching or overlapping, as this can cause them to tarnish faster. 

To prevent tarnishing, always remove your rings before you wash your hands or take a shower. The top compartment of your Pandora jewellery box has slots for storing rings to keep them secure and prevent them from moving or rubbing against other pieces. 

How to store charms

To prevent tarnishing, store your charms in a jewellery box. After wearing your charms, remove them from your jewellery to store them separately, as this will reduce friction between the charm and the jewellery item. 

The top part of the Pandora jewellery box has a special compartment designed for storing charms. Slide them onto the metallic arms to keep them secure and prevent them from rubbing against each other. 

Pandora jewellery box

Crafted with as much love and care as our jewellery, the Pandora jewellery box is the perfect place to store your items and prevent tarnishing.

Covered in textured PU, the box has been thoughtfully designed with separate compartments and a removable tray for storing different jewellery items. You’ll find a handy built-in mirror inside the lid to easily style your favourite pieces on the go.

Are Pandora jewellery boxes anti-tarnish?

Yes – Pandora jewellery boxes help protect your jewellery from tarnishing. Store your jewellery in the velvet-lined compartments to prevent tarnishing, knotting, tangling and rubbing, and keep your favourite pieces shining.

Storing your jewellery properly is just one way to prevent tarnishing. Use a Pandora jewellery cleaner set to take extra care of your pieces and keep them looking brand new.

Discover more cleaning advice and anti-tarnish tricks on our care and maintenance page.