Synthetic Sapphire Glass

Pandora Lockets have been discontinued, yet remain in circulation.

Synthetic sapphire glass is second only to diamond in hardness and despite its name, is not actually glass. It is, in fact, a synthetically produced crystal.

Synthetic sapphire crystal – or synthetic sapphire glass – is extremely durable. The stone is typically grown in cylindrical sticks called boules, in a slow, costly and energy intensive process. The transparent material is produced by crystallising pure aluminium oxide at very high temperatures.

Chemically identical to natural sapphire stones, without the colour, the round masses that form are sliced into pieces using diamond-coated saws. The discs are then ground and polished for use as watch glass or locket windows.

Pandora Lockets are made with synthetic sapphire glass windows that beautifully display and carefully protect the petite charms within. The scratch-resistant surface and the exclusive look of the synthetic sapphire glass set Pandora’s Lockets apart from other locket designs and ensure the product is long-lasting.



SPECIES/GROUP: Synthetic Sapphire

CLASSIFICATION: Synthetic sapphire glass



The Pandora locket rings are created using the highest quality materials and are hand-finished to exacting standards. The locket case is made from sterling silver and the transparent exteriors feature luxurious synthetic sapphire glass.

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