Jewellery made from leather has been worn since the beginning of civilisation, combining the beauty of the natural material with an edgy elegance.


Leather is a natural product and one of the oldest used materials across cultures. It has been used since prehistoric times to create clothing, accessories, jewellery and even armour. The Ancient Greeks wore leather garments as far back as 1200 B.C., a practice also later adopted by the Roman Empire, as protective and decorative elements.

Methods of preserving and softening leather were considered an art form. In the 19th century, vegetable tanning, using extracts from tree bark, was accompanied by mineral
(chrome) tanning. This process uses chemicals and accounts for about 80-90% of all tanned leather today.


Pandora’s leather bracelets and strings are manufactured in Eastern Europe, Italy and India, and are made from 100% genuine leather from cows of the Zebu species, which are native to South Asia. The leather bracelets are hand-finished at Pandora’s jewellery crafting facilities where they are fitted with sterling silver ends and clasps.


Transforming animal hide into soft leather that can be used for jewellery involves a number of complex steps, combining ancient crafting techniques and modern technology. As part of the finishing process, Pandora leather is dyed a number of attractive colours.


Pandora only uses tanneries that have REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) certification. REACH is a set of guidelines that are created for the apparel and accessories industries, and addresses the use of chemicals and their impact on health and the environment.


Unique Characteristics

Leather is a natural product and its look is affected by climate, moisture, heat and storage. These can cause the leather to expand or contract. The leather hides used to make our jewellery vary in thickness and affect the thickness of a leather string or bracelet. Colour variations and marks are also natural features and do not detract from the quality. Over time, leather strings and bracelets will gradually stretch, especially if worn with charms. This is a characteristic of the natural material and is not a defect.


Double-Wrap Leather Bracelet

Pandora's double wrap leather bracelet is a smoother version of the braided leather style. This bracelet is crafted from leather and is hand-finished with a looped closure and a sterling silver disc clasp. It is made in a double wrap style and they have a sleeker, more streamlined look.

Braided Leather Bracelet

Pandora braided leather bracelets are created from strips of genuine cowhide leather of Indian origin. Pandora's Moments leather bracelets are offered in classic single, double or triple wrap designs and are versatile additions to any jewellery collection. The braided leather strips have raw edges and a number of the bracelet designs are colour treated. 


Tubular Leather Choker

Made from genuine leather, our chokers are crafted from tubular leather with a smooth texture. Small imperfections and/or slight colour variations or irregularities are signs of the material’s natural origin and should not be considered as defects.

Tubular Sliding Leather Bracelet

Drawing inspiration from the classic Moments charm bracelet, this fusion style is made from smooth and supple tubular leather trimmed with sterling silver. They feature a sliding closure for the perfect fit.


Charms and Clips

The amount of charms that will fit on a leather bracelet depends on the bracelet chosen. We recommend visiting our bracelet guide for additional information.


Leather is a natural product that requires periodic care to keep it looking good and improve its lifespan. Avoid water or harsh cleaners, which will draw out the leather’s natural oils, causing it to become stiff or cracked and create bleached marks or streaks. Avoid direct sunlight, which will cause its colour to fade.

Care for leather daily by wiping it with a soft, dry cloth. For additional care information, please see our care guide.